Kimberly Hunt of Revision Division is the editor I chose for my debut novel, Sinners' Retreat. Kimberly scheduled a call with me first, so that she was able to gauge my needs and what I was hoping to get out of an editor. It was about 30-45 minutes and very upfront and informational about her services while also getting a lot of background information on my writing style and what I expected. She was willing to work with the type of feedback I wanted, be it daily, weekly, or not until she was finished. She has now completed the developmental edit portion and returned it to me with a letter detailing specific issues and resolutions for my manuscript. I made the corrections suggested and sent back to her and she will now perform a copy edit. I am very happy with her services and look forward to the completion of this manuscript and then working on my next with her as well!

Victoria Ellis


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"Kimberly Hunt at Revision Division is AMAZING! As an indie author, I always try to do everything myself (cover design, writing, editing, formatting). 

It kills me that after all that work, it's still not perfect. It was so nice to have another set of eyes on my work. Kimberly was very thorough and critical, yet kind at the same time. After she sent me her suggestions, it took me less than 10 minutes to make the corrections and update my manuscript. [I should have hired her as my editor from the very beginning.] I will definitely be using her services in the future! If you're looking to save yourself a LOT of trouble and put out a professional product from the start, (instead of having to upload updated copies of your manuscript), I highly recommend Revision Division!" 

Melissa Slawsky, Ph.D.




"I asked Revision Division / Kimberly to proofread my new book DEADFALL The Fallen Forest, and they delivered. Faster than expected with great communication, Kimberly respected the author's direction and found dozens of issues I overlooked dozens of times. 

No book should be released before an independent copyeditor checks the work and I strongly recommend Revision Division for the job." 

Tom Graham 

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"I'm very happy with the editing Revision Division did for me! From the start, Kimberly asked all the right questions to get a full understanding of my project and determine the type of editing I needed. Then she got back to me quickly with helpful edits and suggestions. I'm confident that my work is now clear, streamlined, and error free.  I highly recommend Revision Division and look forward to returning for more editing needs." 

Megan King 

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"Kimberly helped me work through a large novel project: editing and revising. At the beginning of the process, she interviewed me and we set goals. Everything was spelled out right up front. She gave great suggestions and feedback. She is very professional and followed through on every aspect of the agreement. We even adjusted the agreement midway through the process due to some rewriting that I wanted to do. She also worked around my busy schedule and pulled us through to the end. She was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her. 

Thank you, Kimberly!!!"

Susan M. Baker Wooldridge

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Revision Division On My Side

"Seriously...I struggle with the pull to write my new story vs. edit my old story every day. And that's why I've got @RevisionDiv on my side! Imma let her handle all that while I keep creating. If you need an editor, get in touch with her #writingcommunity. She's freakin' amazing!"

from Mandy Lawson @MandyLawson7

Beta Reading

"If you're a writer and actively looking for a beta reader who will give amazing feedback, check out Kimberly @RevisionDiv!"

from J Marie @MotherofCooper

Super Supportive

"You are a champion yourself, Kimberly! Great editing advice and super supportive of others!"

from Emma Lombard @LombardEmma

Thank You

"A big thank you to Kimberly of @RevisionDiv for her editing services! If you are in need of editing services, I strongly suggest you check out @RevisionDiv because Kimberly was amazing to work with. Honestly, she is by far one of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is prompt, courteous, and incredibly talented with her craft. She schedules a phone consultation first so both author and editor are on the same page. She then will make sure the author is completely comfortable with her feedback methods and payment options. Please consider checking her out if you in need of editing services for your next book!"

from Victoria Ellis @authorvellis

Great Feedback

"Shout out to @RevisionDiv for some great feedback on my manuscript! I can't wait to work with Kimberly on making my story the best it can be!"

from Melissa Mitala @MelissaMitala

Praise for Revision Division's Vault

"Kimberly Hunt started this group within the past year and it's almost two-hundred members. I like small groups like this one because you get more attention to your needs. Kimberly is an editor and helps everyone who posts questions. She also add useful tips every week and is available for hire if you need a professional editor. She has been beta reading my current novel and I've found her to be very helpful. Keep in mind, Kimberly is not a one-woman show. The community of writers online all jump in and help."

from Melisa Lewis @MelisaLewis18