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Sweet Romance


Response to Manuscript Evaluation:

"Y'all, my editor just spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me answering my questions, clarifying, calming my fears, and giving me affirmations. She's the best! So...if you need help, get in touch with her. She's very encouraging and lovely!"

Mandy Lawson



Response to Developmental Editing:    

"Kimberly was instrumental in taking my novel to the next level. All her recommendations were constructive, kind and on point. She had a very fast turn around and her price was extremely reasonable. Honest and to the point, she was easy to communicate with and came through on all her promises. Her expertise is impressive, I would highly recommend. I can't wait to work with her on my next book!"

J. A. Gates

Psychological Thriller

Psychological Thriller editing by Revision Division

Response to Developmental Editing 

and Copyediting:  

"Kimberly was amazing to work with. Honestly, she is by far one of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is prompt, courteous and incredibly talented with her craft. She schedules a phone consultation first so both author and editor are on the same page."

Victoria Ellis 


Fiction Editing by Revision Division


"Kimberly Hunt of Revision Division is the editor I chose for my debut novel, Sinners' Retreat. Kimberly scheduled a call with me first, so that she was able to gauge my needs and what I was hoping to get out of an editor. She completed the developmental edit portion and returned it to me with a letter detailing specific issues and resolutions for my manuscript. I made the corrections suggested and sent back to her for the copy edit. I am very happy with her services and look forward to working on my next novel with her as well!"

Victoria Ellis 

Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance Editor

"Kimberly did an awesome job on a Beta Read for my novel. Her feedback was extremely helpful in polishing the story and looking for things that affected the pacing and character development. I highly recommend her service."

Trisha Messmer

Contemporary Romance



 "Kimberly Hunt beta read my debut novel, Chasing Peace. Her expert advice helped me to rewrite my first chapter, making it stronger and engaging. She gives detailed feedback in a timely manner and is always available to answer questions and help you improve your manuscript. If you need a beta reader, Kimberly is an excellent choice and will help you make your book shine!"

Alaine Greyson


Fiction edited by Revision Division


"Kimberly helped me work through a large novel project: editing and revising. At the beginning of the process, she interviewed me and we set goals. Everything was spelled out right up front. She gave great suggestions and feedback. She is very professional and followed through on every aspect of the agreement. We even adjusted the agreement midway through the process due to some rewriting that I wanted to do. She also worked around my busy schedule and pulled us through to the end. She was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her. 

Thank you, Kimberly!!!"

Susan M. Baker Wooldridge


Nonfiction copyediting by Revision Division


"Kimberly Hunt at Revision Division is AMAZING! As an indie author, I always try to do everything myself (cover design, writing, editing, formatting). 

It kills me that after all that work, it's still not perfect. It was so nice to have another set of eyes on my work. Kimberly was very thorough and critical, yet kind at the same time. If you're looking to save yourself a LOT of trouble and put out a professional product from the start, I highly recommend Revision Division!" 

Melissa Slawsky, Ph.D.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction proofread by Revision Division DEADFALL: The Fallen Forest by Tom Graham


"I asked Revision Division / Kimberly to proofread my new book DEADFALL The Fallen Forest, and they delivered. Faster than expected with great communication, Kimberly respected the author's direction and found dozens of issues I overlooked dozens of times. 

No book should be released before an independent copyeditor checks the work and I strongly recommend Revision Division for the job." 

Tom Graham 

YA Fantasy

YA Fantasy Book Editor


"Kimberly Hunt is the best! She did a developmental edit for me on my YA novel. Her suggestions were insightful, and I implemented almost every change she recommended. Her feedback was both honest and positive, and she gave me ideas that I had never considered. She is professional, thorough and efficient. I would recommend Kimberly/ Revision Division for any and all steps in the writing and editing process."

Michelle Pelletier

Twitter Mentions

Revision Division On My Side

"Seriously...I struggle with the pull to write my new story vs. edit my old story every day. And that's why I've got @RevisionDiv on my side! Imma let her handle all that while I keep creating. If you need an editor, get in touch with her #writingcommunity. She's freakin' amazing!"

from Mandy Lawson @MandyLawson7

Beta Reading

"If you're a writer and actively looking for a beta reader who will give amazing feedback, check out Kimberly @RevisionDiv!"

from J Marie @MotherofCooper

Super Supportive

"You are a champion yourself, Kimberly! Great editing advice and super supportive of others!"

from Emma Lombard @LombardEmma

SciFi Fairytale Novella

"Kimberly did a copyedit on a scifi fairytale novella for me. 

Great notes, easy to work with, and even followed up to add a minor note that she thought of after the fact."

from Ariele Sieling @arielesieling

Great Feedback

"Shout out to @RevisionDiv for some great feedback on my manuscript! I can't wait to work with Kimberly on making my story the best it can be!"

from Melissa Mitala @MelissaMitala

Praise for Revision Division's Vault

"I like small groups like this one because you get more attention to your needs. Kimberly is an editor and helps everyone who posts questions. She also adds useful tips every week and is available for hire if you need a professional editor. She has been beta reading my current novel and I've found her to be very helpful. Keep in mind, Kimberly is not a one-woman show. The community of writers online all jump in and help."

from Melisa Lewis @MelisaLewis18