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Congratulations! You’re a writer and proud of the result of your hard work and creativity. You’ve poured so much of yourself into this novel it’s hard to step back and see the letters on the page separately from the words you intended. As protective as a new parent, you’re cautious about letting anyone else near your baby. It takes a village though and you consult professionals for their expertise. Like photographers delivering stunning portraits, your Revision Division editor will enable you to show your work in its best light. From first words to glossy cover beaming from a bookstore shelf, your editor will promote you from writer to author and be there every step of the way. 

 Meet your editor! I'm Kimberly Hunt, a lifelong lover of reading with a perfectionist’s eye for spotting inconsistencies and errors. As a certified professional, I have the experience and training to help you through the editing process. I'm happy to serve new authors looking to self-publish as well as writers considering the traditional publication path. Click below to find out more information.

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"So glad I hired Kimberly from Revision Division. My book, In The Interim, was edited thoroughly and done before our original deadline. The suggestions and edits were exactly what this rough draft needed. As the author, I have the direction to create my best possible work. Enjoyed the experience so much, I've booked her again for my next novel. Efficient, candid, thorough; if you're looking for a development/content/storyline editor who can identify pace problems, plot holes and polish your character's development in a reasonable time frame and still be cost effective, Kimberly Hunt from Revision Division is your new editor!" 

D.W. Plato


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