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  • Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Your Editor

    When should an editor review my work?

    Copyediting should be the last step before publication so the manuscript should be completed and formatted first. As an author, it saves you money to edit as you write and once again after completing the manuscript. Another tip - it is very effective to print and read aloud.

    Does my work require light or heavy copyediting?

    According to The Copyeditor's Handbook by Amy Einsohn, light copyediting ensures consistency in all mechanical matters such as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. and correcting all indisputable errors in grammar, syntax and usage. While light copyediting identifies problem areas, heavy copyediting entails rewriting and revising wordy and unclear areas. Heavy copyediting includes suggested changes to identified problem areas.

    How can I see what changes are made by the editor?

    Our editing suggestions are captured in Word using the MS Word Track Changes functionality.

    When can I expect editing to be completed?

    Our editors provide an estimated completion time after reviewing a sample of your work based on the editing time per page and the number of pages of the entire project. This sample also helps determine if light or heavy copyediting is required.

    In what format should my work be provided to the editor?

    Word files only please (.doc or .docx)

    How do we get started?

    Contact us. We will walk you through the process.

    1. Quick call to discuss your goals, the intended audience, and our process
    2. Quote based on sample of work  and estimated time to complete editing
    3. Your work polished and returned, ready for publication

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